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Sep 01 2021
Vegan Diet
Nutrition & Health

Our food philosophy

As researchers and nutritionists, we take pride in using the latest scientific research to develop plant-based meals that fuel you for greatness.

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TJ Waterfall MSc, Rnutr

Holy Lead Nutritionist

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We’re passionate foodies too, and we’ve found that true magic begins when we combine proven nutritional science with sensational plant-based food. 

To do that, we’ve taken the most important principles of plant-based nutrition and worked alongside world-renowned, highly talented plant-based chefs, to design mouth-watering meals that are nutritionally complete, but also vibrant, inventive, rich, colourful, and just outright delicious. 

All our meals are hand-made with care by our team of dedicated chefs in small batches, ready for you to enjoy at home, at work, or on-the-go. While you’re treating your tastebuds to some culinary delights, you can relax in the knowledge that we’ve also meticulously designed the meals to provide the recommended intakes of the vital vitamins and minerals your body needs, while also making sure every meal is packed with plants, so they’re brim-full with the thousands of phytonutrients and antioxidants you need to flourish.

Call us ambitious, but we want to change the world. And we believe we can do that, one plate at a time. Because when you’re nourishing yourself with great food, you’ll look and feel your best, which means you can tackle anything. You’ll also be a shining inspiration for others to look at plant-based nutrition as something that can be healthful and delicious, so they too can flourish, all while treading a little lighter in this world.  

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, just starting your vegan journey, or simply love great food, we’re here to help you make healthy plant-based eating as easy and enjoyable as possible. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so there’s no need for macro counting, hours of research, or sleepless nights coming up with a meal plan. We also know from experience that not everyone has the time or energy to spend batch cooking and prepping for the week ahead. Just let us craft your perfectly balanced vegan meals, and deliver them straight to your door. 

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