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We’re giving away a limited number of
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We’re the meal prep service revolutionising the way your nutrition is delivered: through meticulously planned meals that contain the exact vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. 100% nutritionally complete, with not an ounce of compromise on the taste front.

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1. What is your diet type?
2. Are you happy to post about us if you love the food?
3. Are you happy for us to call you to discuss your feedback after your trial?
4. Have you ever subscribed to a meal/recipe delivery service in the past?
5. We’re planning to offer a variety of meal plans but for this trial you have a choice between 2 sets - take your pick!
Set 1 - for those who don’t mind extra sugar.
Set 2 - for those who do mind extra sugar.
6. Are you interested in becoming an ambassador for Holy?

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